Vauxhall Car Park Extension

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This car park project comprised 29,000 square metres of new car park with access road and included a new pedestrian access bridge over a public highway.  It extended an existing car park adding 1200 more parking spaces.  The land is a narrow strip of derelict land along the face of the chalk escarpment, running approximately North-South adjacent to Vauxhall Way in Luton.

The original ground levels varied by over 30 metres and the formation was achieved using cut and fill with a muck shift in the order of 35,000 cubic metres.  There were considerable amounts of tree and shrub growth, together with rubbish, on the site, and some contaminated ground. The whole site was modelled with PDS Ground Modelling Software.

The levels were designed and, allowing for the rubbish etc that had to be taken off site, we were able to arrange a cut and fill balance of the muck shift to within about 3,000 cubic metres of the net import.

David French Partnership initially designed the car park as a project for a private client.  The scheme was taken over by Vauxhall Motors, and the area of the car park was increased to include other land.  An Architect was also appointed who acted as Project Supervisor, while the engineering design was prepared by David French Partnership.


Howard Fairburn Associates


Vauxhall Motors