Huey P Long Bridge, Jefferson County, Louisiana

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Constructional All Risks Technical Audit.

The original bridge was completed in 1935, and comprised of the longest railroad bridge in the United States and two narrow carriageways for road traffic.  It is one of three bridges over the river in the New Orleans area.

The bridge carries two railroad tracks and two carriageways each with two lanes and comprises 4 river spans and approach viaducts.  The river spans are about 2380 feet (726 m) total length and are supported by truss girders with a clear height above the river of about 150 feet (46 m).  The railroad runs through the bridge and the highway is supported on roadways cantilevered out either side of the bridge.

The improvement work will give two three lane carriageways with verges and hard shoulders in each direction.  The present contract involves the widening of the main bridge spans.  A future contract will involve alterations to the approach spans and placing the deck to the new carriageways across the bridge.

David French Partnership was instructed by C V Starr Inc to carry out an audit of the construction risks associated with the construction of the above project.

The purpose of the Survey and Audit is to identify any potential risks connected with the building construction operations in this contract and, in addition, propose methods by which these risks may be mitigated.

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Project Sum: $453 million


C.V. Starr Inc